Proxy - Ultimate Hacker: A game about hacking

Have you ever experienced the thrill of hacking?
Would you like to?

Steal, destroy, sabotage, discover, and more.
Navigate a system's security to break in.
Just don't get caught.

  • Main menu
  • Hacking screen mini game
  • Player Proxy network
  • Software store
  • Movable Windows
  • Internet Network Map
puzzle Break into secured networks by solving intense puzzles file cabinet Steal, destroy, and sabotage important data for credits cash register Upgrade your computer to the bleeding edge
world wide web Cover your tracks to avoid getting caught server Build your proxy network for more time on the clock newspaper Light up the Hacker News with your exploits

Proxy - Ultimate Hacker

Proxy In the News

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news itemA wonderful walkthough done by Nathan's Sandbox. Thanks!